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    I got prescribed 0.5mg of Xanax, that I take once a day. My wife had just died. My anxiety was so bad I would not leave the house nor would I barely eat. It made me feel alive again and I’m able to function, and get out and socialize like a normal person again. I actually have a appetite now, and I’m getting good sleep again, which I haven’t felt in a long time. Xanax really saved my life.
    This is the best to knock a panic attack flat on its arse. I been taking xanax 0.5mg daily for 6 months and I also take them when I fly. I could literally walk on the wing and not care. Don’t take with alcohol though..I made the mistake of popping one of these then drank 4 or 5 martinis. I made a fool of myself and swung from a coworkers chandelier at a party and pulled it out of the ceiling. Everyone was cheering me on so I felt like a bru. The more I drank the stupider I became. At the end of the night I climbed a street pole and tried to punch out the light telling people it was a UFO. They work well, but do not drink on them
    I have been taking Xanax for a while now and it really controlled my anxiety. I also have afib and anyone who has it knows how annoying that can be. Now when I have afib I take a Xanax and calms it down I also spoke to several people who have afib and yes Xanax helps calm it down. So don’t let any doctors tell you any different Xanax can be a wonder drug when used properly

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