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    Hi all,

    I’ve been enjoying hunting together with some friends for the last couple of years and always had really amazing and memorable experiences.

    Now we have decided to take this to the next level, but I must admit that I am still an amateur and still have a lot to learn about hunting.

    One of the difficulties I’ve faced until now is the limited visibility during nightly hours. That’s why I have decided to purchase a binocular. My budget is around $300-350.

    I saw some great products compared on this site and am considering to buy the Firefield Tracker Night Vision Goggle:

    Best Night Vision Binoculars

    I was wondering if someone has any experience with this product, as it is a bit above my budget. Maybe you guys have some other recommendations?

    I am open for suggestions. Thank you all in advance!



    I’m going to keep an eye on this thread, as I was considering getting a budget friendly one myself.

    Gen 1’s not the best, but it sure beats nothing, like using a .22 rifle beats throwing a rock.

    My brother in law has a gen 1, it’s not bad, but I’d like something better for sure.



    My interest is in rifle scopes. You may want to check out the following link to get an idea of the what the different generations in night vision can do. Gen 1 technology is pretty old now. Gen 11 is better than Gen 1 and Gen 3 is better than Gen 2 etc. and I think that is right except for possibly Gen 4. Each generation makes what their manufactures believe are improvements on the former generation. Then you have various technological improvements within the generations themselves and between different models and different manufactures. The trick is to find the one that will do what you want for the amount you want to pay. For your budget you are restricted I think to Gen1 technology and that is fine as long as you understand what you’re getting.



    I’ve been doing some reading about night vision optics. People who hunt rats and other varmints in other countries have done a lot of R&D work on home brew night vision optics and lights. To my understanding, the wavelength of the illuminator light, makes a huge difference in the distance that your night vision optic can see detail. The less visible spectrum of the two common wavelengths is less visible to the more sensitive wildlife but also less visible to the night vision optic.
    I think it’s the 850 NM light source that’s most visible to the night vision optic and allows you to see farthest. I think it’s the 940 NM light source that’s less visible to wildlife.

    It’s also my understanding that after market infrared lights are a functional option for increasing the distance that lower performance night vision scopes can see.

    There’s lots of info on the web when you start digging for DIY info.



    ones I have are older russian surplus bought them back in the 80s, tough and clear. all depends what your after.
    only change i made was adding a old surefire flashlight with a IR filter and a clam to the middle tube.

    lot like im doing to the metascope now….



    I see you are after binoculars. Good luck with it. I have no experience with the Firefeild. Nor have I seen any reviews on them. I tend to think that anything you buy for the budget you want to spend will have sever limitations. If possible you need to try them to see if they meet your needs and be in a position to return them if they do not. Check your state laws about if you buy them on line ‘fit for purpose’ etc. Not a fan of Gen1. Just an opinion on my part. If you want to know more details please visit here best night vision binoculars



    I have read through the various comments and I may have missed the answer. But could we have the Top 5 recommended night sights between £150-500? please. Either from personnel use or on different reviews. I have googled and seen various threads showing the top 10 for 2016, but it fails to mention why they are in the top ten.

    Kind Regards Maverick



    While this is an older thread, in that kind of price range I would look at some of the hand held digital night vision monoculars such as Pulsar. Some good people to talk to would be scottcountry.co.uk as they have a wide range and quite a bit of experience in this area



    Thermal binoculars will be more expensive than a monocular. Flir will be more expensive than than the likes of a comparable pulsar and not necessarily better. That said I haven’t checked your location.
    Bigger the lens the greater the detection distance and price but the smaller the lens the better fov.
    Some units have record but for actual identification you’d struggle. Perfect for recording damage smashing gates or going through fences etc or just of them being there.

    As said above loads of foxers are using thermal and night vision now. With night vision you’d pick up the lights easily but if you use infra red to assist it then if the poachers have nv they’d see your IR like a light sabre. Definitely try and look through a few because there are big differences with both thermal and nv. The nights atmospherics also make a massive difference to the pic. You’ll nearly always pick up heat but the background picture differs vastly. You could spend thousands and still be disappointed but for shooting once you’ve used thermal for spotting you’d never go back to a lamp or nv.
    If it was only to watch for poachers who use flashlights or vehicle lights I’d be inclined to look for a good second hand 1x nv as it would be cheaper and more comfortable to look through for hours on end than a thermal and would pick up the lights instantly but if you need to be totall covert and spot them in complete darkness you go thermal. I’d then be inclined to use a separate screen to watch as it’s much more comfortable on your eyes.



    Does too. Amazing what you can see in the dark if everyone would just turn the fking torches off. I recall a wedding I went to on Dartmoor with a wak back to the reception and everyone had these stupid candle things. Couldn’t see a bloody thing. I assume most of them made it but it was a perfectly clear night if they had just put them out.

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